Välkommen till mitt digitala kartarkiv!

På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

Italian Middle Distance Championships, Model Event (2010-05-07)
fredag 7 maj 2010
Fondi di Jenne, Gruppo Orientisti Subiaco, ITA
very easy and good o-feeling
Last 10mila training (2010-05-01)
easy in order to get a good feeling
Night O Training (2010-04-28)
onsdag 28 april 2010
Valsättra, SWE
how to get lost in the night :-)
Control picking (2010-04-28)
onsdag 28 april 2010
Lunsen, SWE
Nice to be back to Lunsen again after 12 Jears. Good feeling, full control (most of the time :-)
Sprint KM (2010-04-27)
tisdag 27 april 2010
Bosön, IFK Lidingö, SWE
Big mistake to nr. 1, then quite good race
Control picking (2010-04-27)
tisdag 27 april 2010
Fonboda, SWE
Night-O Training (2010-04-26)
måndag 26 april 2010
Sticklinge, SWE
quite good night training after a difficult start
Sprint Training (2010-04-21)
Nice and cold welcome to Sweden. Little tired and some mistakes in the end